1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup


Every now and then I get a project that makes me wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?"  This is one of those projects.  For quite some time Kyle Moody of Indianapolis, Indiana has wanted to trick out an S-10 truck with Model A wire wheels and bias ply tires.


Kyle found this clean '97 S-10 and brought it to me to make his vision a reality.


The first order was to get the truck as low as possible and I did that by adding drop spindles then stepping and narrowing the lower A-arms.  With one coil removed from the springs, this combination gave us a 5-1/2" drop in the front.


For the rear, I installed a set of 3" drop springs and a 3" lowering block.  I also C-notched the frame for extra clearance.  The clean appearance on the rear of the truck was brought about by replacing the stock bumper with a powder coated roll pan.


After taking the final measurements, I ordered custom wheel adapters to bolt the Model A wires to the S-10.  Kyle ordered the bias ply tires from Coker and finished them off with NOS caps.