1996 Chevy Pickup


This truck belongs to Kyle Moody of Indy.  Kyle has always owned extremely cool cars in the past.  When he bought this truck he had to make it as cool as his earlier rides.  The previous owner had installed 2 inch drop spindles up front and a 4 inch hanger kit in the rear.  If you know Kyle, you know that's not nearly low enough for him.


This is a very tight, low mile truck.  As you can see by these "before" pictures, it looks as though it is stock height.  But I fixed that.


I stepped the lower A-arms by 2 inches and cut one coil out of the springs in the front, which gave me 4 inches of additional drop (for a total of 6 inches of drop including spindles).  I also narrowed the upper and lower control arms by 1 inch on each side for tire clearance.  The truck originally had 235/70/15 tires and I replaced them with 205/75/15's.


I replaced the lowered shackles with stock shackles and installed a flip kit and a c-notch in the frame.  Because the previous owner had installed lowered spring pockets, I modified them to actually raise the truck slightly...I never thought I would say this, but it was actually too low.  The rear came down a total of 6 inches.  I also installed KYB gas shocks all the way around.


Kyle sent these two updated pictures of his truck.  He lowered the rear two more inches using a shackle kit.


A nice improvement on a good lookin' truck.  I love this truck!  As I've said before, the Indy boys like 'em low.