1973 Dodge Dart


In early 1977 while my license was still suspended (60 long days!), I sold my Roadrunner and bought this 1973 Dart.  It was a low mile car with a 318 automatic.  I added the 10 inch Cragers in the rear with M50 Super Charger tires.  On the front I had a set of 15.4 Centerlines, very new for that era.  I also added the windshield snorkel scoop.  I installed headers and Hush Thrush mufflers (remember those?).  In the summer of 1977, Elaine and I had our first date in this car.


The Dart was striped and lettered by Tom Willis.  Note the lettering on the back..."Broke but Happy".  This was an era when air shocks and tires hangin' out were cool.  My second trip to court was because of this car.  Elaine and I were pulled over for loud exhaust and bumper height after a high school football game.