1986 Chevrolet Short Bus


OK Boys...now I can say I've done it all!


How's this for a project?  This bus belongs to the Asphalt Outlaws Car club of Miamisburg, Ohio.  They needed a cool ride for car shows, swap meets, etc.  I was contacted by the club to see if this thing could be lowered.  You know me by now...I'll try anything once.


This is how it looked when it arrived at Hacker's Paradise.


The club members worked as a team on the basic black paint job.  Then club member, Randy Willis finished up with beautiful graphics and lettering.


To start off I stepped the lower A-arms by 3" and shortened the front coil springs by 2", which gave us a 5" drop.  For the rear, I de-arched the leaf springs by 4" and flipped the overload spring upside down, for a 4" total drop in the rear.


This is one short bus you wouldn't be embarrassed to cruise in.