1950 Ford Convertible


This little Shoebox convertible belongs to Jim Stockton of Enon, Ohio.  Jim and his brother, Dave have an extensive collection of restored and rodded vehicles.  Jim had just completed a total restoration on this car.  Although he loved the look, he wasn't happy with the ride.


Jim brought the car to me for a full air ride installation.  He wanted the ability to raise the car as needed to clear curbs and speed bumps.


This is the "after" photo.  Jim's goal was not to "slam" the car, but to keep the same ride height as before.  The car is now able to come down 1-1/2" lower than original ride height and it can be raised about 5" as needed.


This is one of the nicest hot rods that I have had the opportunity to work on.


We didn't want any visible signs of the air ride system, so I disassembled the gauge unit and mounted the gauge inside the glove compartment...


...then I mounted the up and down control buttons under a ledge on the dash.  From the driver's seat the controls are not visible.


This shot shows the beautiful green leather interior.


The detail continues into the trunk area.  I mounted the tank and compressor under the car to keep this area clean.


Don't let the Cadillac air cleaner and Oldsmobile valve covers fool you.  That's a potent little small block under the hood, complete with cold AC!