1950 Chevy Convertible


This rare convertible belongs to Ed Perkins of Lebanon, Ohio.  Ed is also known as "Neal's Dad" to us locals.  He recently sold his ratrod Model A Coupe and wanted something more modern, so he bought this car.


It has a Camaro sub-frame (you can tell by how far the front tires stick out), a nice detailed small block Chevy, automatic trans, and working electric top.  It also has a white rolled and pleated interior.  Ed wanted to make it look less like an old man's car and more like a hot rod, so he brought it to me.


Ed ordered new Coker wide whites and Wheel Vintiques steel wheels. He painted the wheels a creamy yellow to match the car.  In order to gain tire clearance up front, I narrowed the upper and lower A-arms by 1" on each side.  At the same time I stepped the lower A-arm by 2".  I also cut 1 coil out of the springs.  After I got the car back on the ground, I realized that there wasn't adequate steering clearance up front.  I inspected the front wheels and realized that we could gain enough clearance by changing the backspacing.  I contacted my buddy, Scott Sullivan for the task. He was able to turn them around for me in just a couple of days.  We gained 3/4" additional steering clearance.


For the rear, I installed a 1-1/2" lowering block.  The car drives and handles really nice.